Sunday, February 28, 2010


Working around the apt. and a screwdriver just slipped and nailed my thumb. Intense pain. Right where the skin is directly below the nail. I stared at it while it throbbed. There was a small white mark where the screwdriver hit against flesh but no blood. Throbbing continued. I felt as I did when I first watched Gaspar Noe's 2002 movie, "Irreversible" a while back. I knew something bad was going to happen and there was a throbbing intensity to both (my thumb in this scenario and the music and frantic camera in the movie). Next (in my scenario, not the movie) a small pinhead of blood appeared at the aforementioned white mark. "It hurts like the dickens but not bleeding so bad" I thought to myself. I took my eye off my thumb for a moment. Probably trying to figure out my next step in placing the shelves up in the closet. I glanced back at my thumb while pondering my next home repair move. The blood began to pool around my thumb nail. Rivulets of red encapsulated my thumb. I dashed to the sink, not wanting to compound insult to injury by dripping blood all over the place. Nor did I wish to attract the neighborhood vampires. Who needs them skulking around? I washed the thumb off a few times using warm water although I think cold water would feel better. I fumbled around the medicine cabinet with a wet, bloody thumb to locate a band-aid. I proceeded to take out some odd shaped band-aid. The two immediate thoughts I had: why would I ever use such an odd shaped band-aid and why are there so many in the band-aid box seem to answer one another. Finally locating a proper sized band-aid I applied it with some dexterity. It really wasn't bleeding so bad anymore. And the throbbing stopped. No vampires around either. Now back to the stupid shelves.